Friday, August 8, 2008

A Pair of Pears Oil Painting

I must be a weird person. I don't go to many places and not see everything as a possible subject for artwork. That includes the grocery store...especially the grocery store. I walk the produce aisles looking for prime pieces of fruits and veggies not for something healthy to feed my family but for something wonderful to paint. (Ok, ok, after I am done with my painting, I do feed it to my family.) When I came across a selection of pears, I was in my glory. They were all so fresh and great looking. So I present to you here my first of many paintings featuring these pears. The oil painting measures 8x8 on pre-primed panel. It is 3/8 thick with the sides painted black and a special hole predrilled in the back for hanging. No framing is needed with this one. (I think this painting turned out much nicer than the online picture shows.)

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