Sunday, April 17, 2011

The winner of my painting is...

I am happy to announce that the winner of the original oil painting for purchasing my new book "Carrie and Hope" is fellow author Marianne Garver. If you aren't familiar with Marianne's work, she wrote one of my favorite books, October's Promise. You can check it out on her site .

An update on my is now available for the Nook (Click here to check it out) and I am awaiting the proof for the paperback, so that should be available soon.

I have one glowing review on Amazon so far. If you purchased the book, I would really appreciate it if you could review it for me.

If you haven't purchased it and would like a free kindle copy and would be willing to review it when you finish reading it, just send me an email at I will randomly pick three names to receive the free copies.


P.S. If you would like to read my book and would like the pg version of this lesbian romance, let me know. I have a limited amount of paperback copies.

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