Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Dog

We are not getting another dog right away. We aren't. NO WE ARE NOT.  Ok, we did!  We got a puppy.  "He followed me home, Mom.  Honest he did."  He is an eleven week old Shih-poo which is a cross between a Shih tzu and a poodle.  Back in the day this used to be called a mutt.  Now it is called a designer dog.  When we went to look at the litter, I knew I was going to be interested in the chocolate brown one that they told me about on the phone.  We left the breeders with the silver/grey one.  Sometimes personality wins over beauty.  Oh wait..both puppies had beauty and personality.  We picked this one because he was a little bigger and more sturdy.  I thought he might be a better match for Sadie, our cat that is still mourning the lost of our dog, Brandy.  I don't know yet if he is a good match for Sadie, because she took off running as soon as the puppy was in the house and she refuses to come near him.  The other cats are slowly starting to approach the pup in an attempt to figure out just what this strange little thing is.  Surely it can't be some kind of dog, they think.  Brandy was a dog and she was so much bigger and furrier, and she shed everywhere.  This new thing hasn't shed at all.  What can it be?  The puppy wants to play with the cats but knows they don't want him too close, so he goes up to them and flops down on the floor about a foot away and stares at them.

We are still deciding on a name.  Jane wants to call him Bentley.  I prefer Oliver.  What do you think?


Suzi said...

Hmmm.... a dilemma for sure. He looks like an Oliver Bently to me. I think he needs two names and you can call him OB for short! Ha! That would be much better than BO don't you think????? Congrats on the cute little guy.

Mary Ann Carroll said...

SO CUTE!!! I have 3 dogs...2 big and 1 little... The little one THINKS he is a big dog since that is who he was raised around. Perhaps, you might want to get another so "Bently" doesn't grow up thinking he is a cat!! He looks like Bently to me ;o)