Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When the Gypsies Came to Town

Anybody else have an unnatural fear of Gypsies? I was in third grade when the Gypsies came to town. At least I am assuming they came to town. I never actually saw them. My family owned restaurant in a small town in upstate New York. It was a truck stop and local hangout type of diner. We lived in the back.

There were four kids in my family at that point. My mother told us one day that the gypsies were in town. She gave us French fries and told us to go play in the woods out back and stay there until she called us home. Apparently gypsies stole young children but wouldn’t venture into the woods to get them. She told us stories about these people that would sweep into town for several days. They would come into the diner to eat. The would do such things as open the salt, pepper and sugar containers that were on each table and just pour them out into the tables. They never left tips.

Thinking back on this, if we children were really in danger, wouldn’t we have been safer in the back/house part of the restaurant closer to my parents than alone, playing in the woods? 

By the way, my fear of gypsies doesn't affect my opinion of tramps or thieves.

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