Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I actually painted today!!!!

Due to some medical issues with my dad, my parents have stayed with us several times in the last month.  We participated in our neighborhood garage sale.  Our dog Brandy passed over the rainbow bridge after being sick for a while and I have been busy planting the gardens.  As a result, I haven't painted in my studio in the last month.  Yesterday I finally had a chance to go upstairs to my studio to work.  I walked into the studio and realized that it was a mess.  I have two small fish tanks that needed more water.  I had piles of stuff everywhere.  I had a few boxes and bags with new art supplies that needed to be put away.  So I set to work to get the room in shape.  Two hours later, just as I finished cleaning, I noticed the bag of CDs that we had recently inherited.  I sat down at the computer in the studio with the CDs and proceeded to go through them and add selected songs to my music folder.  When I got that finished I thought maybe I would straighten out the whole folder.  It contains alot of music and some of the songs were duplicates and others I just wanted to remove.  I worked on this task for several hours.  At 5:00 I went downstairs and told my partner, Jane, "Well, it's 5:00.  Time to stop pretending I am going to paint today."

Sometimes the hardest part of painting is getting your butt in the chair and a paint brush in your hand.  But today I did manage to sit down and paint.  I even managed to get it finished.  This is a 5x7 oil painting on hardboard.
$45.00 plus $6.00 shipping

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