Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I don't understand...

Why do the hamburger pictures on the menu at the fast food place look fresh and juicy and plump, but the ones you actually get look like someone sat on them?
Why do they use the sounds of sirens or car honks in some radio ads, so that if you hear them while driving, you start to look around to see where it is coming from?

Why do some salesmen in car dealer commercials have to yell at us like we are deaf?

How can they have a study that says people who exercise have 25% less chance of dying, when the truth is we all have the same chance of dying…100%.
How come nurses don’t get to take all the same medicines that the rest of us do? When ever you see an advertisement for some drug, they always say don’t take this if you are pregnant or nursing. How come we never hear, “don’t take this if you are pregnant or a truck driver? Or if you are pregnant or an accountant?”

Why is it called a “near miss” when two planes almost collide in the air. Wouldn’t that be a “near hit”?

How come blow and suck are opposites, but they mean the same thing if you put the word “this” in front of them? This sucks. This blows.

Why are some people so mean and cruel to each other?

Why do some women’s magazine devote the first half of the magazine to losing weight and eating right and the second half of the magazine to fattening recipes?

How come when we smell something that smells really bad, the first thing we want to do it have someone else smell it.

Why do you see signs on cars that say “FOR SALE BY OWNER”? Who else would be selling it?

How come Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down?

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