Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On Friday, my friend Chris and I drove to East Aurora, about 90 hours away, to go to an alternative health center. We both had appointments with the Kinesiologist. Kinesiology is a fairly new branch of science which was developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. It can be amazingly efficient at balancing the body so that it can return to good health, energy and emotional strength.

Kinesiology is a truly 'wholistic' system, because it looks at the whole person (not just at selected parts). When you step on a cat's tail, it's the other end that screams!

Chris decided to go to some of the shops in the area while I went in first for my appointment. When she got back I was still in the room, but they told her she could go right in. She knocked before coming in. She told me later that she didn’t want to just walk in, in case I was naked, laying on a table. First of all, if I am naked laying on a table, people, it must be a party, so come on in. Second, Kinesiology isn’t that kind of therapy, so if someone asks you to get naked and on a table, run…don’t walk…out of there!

After the appointments, Chris and did a little more shopping. One really cool store had classic country CDs for sale. I purchased a Donna Fargo CD. My sister and I loved, loved, loved listening to Donna Fargo when we were young. I put the CD in my car CD player. Oh my God! It brought back memories…..OF PATSY CLINE! The case and even the label on the CD said Donna Fargo, but that was definitely Patsy Cline singing. Guess there was a major mix up at the factory.

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