Friday, June 4, 2010

My Garden

I finally have my flower and vegatable gardens all planted. I have had some knee promblems lately, so kneeling to plant was just about impossible. I thank God he gave me a very big butt. I planted almost everything while sitting on it, saving my knees much pain. This was the second year in a row that I have planted a vegatable garden. I used to plant a garden every year. The last time I planted a garden, several years ago, it was a very bad year for rain. I watered the garden regularly with the hose and the plants grew, but they didn’t produce any vegetables. The only thing that produced anything was my broccoli plants. They had the most beautiful broccoli growing on them. One day after letting the dog out on her chain, I looked out the back door to check on her. She had broken the chain and jumped the fence that surrounded my garden. She had pulled up every last broccoli plant and dragged them around the yard. She was happily chewing up the last one when I spotted her.
The rain last year was great as far as the garden was concerned. Everything grew wonderfully. I gathered my cucumbers and vegetables, bought jars and made pickles, tomato sauce and other canned things. I figured out that if I take into account the costs of the original veggie plants, fertilizer, fencing and jars and if I add in the time it took me to prepare, grow, harvest and can everything…at minimum wage…each little jar of pickles cost me about $20.00.


Rose Gold said...

Its a sad thing to know what happened o your garden, specially when it was devastated by your fav dog. But I usually don't put prices on my own produce as if I am going to, it will be much higher as the joy it brings me to take care of them is priceless.

Joy's View said...

I agree Rose that it is priceless. I was just trying to be funny. I watch the garden growing and it brings great joy.