Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vote for me!!! Please.

I am very excited to be a finalist for Jerry's Artarama' July artist of the month!!!  Please vote for me.  Just look for my name or the painting of the cupcake.
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Let's Talk...
Don’t you hate when your 18 year old daughter returns your van with the words, “Don’t worry, Mom. I checked it over good and the van is fine there is no damage..” She then proceeded to tell me a long story about the van, the express way and a tractor trailer. I had to keep asking questions to get to the actually details.

“Did the van and the truck actually touch?”
“No, Mom.”
“Did you hit the guard rail?”
“No, Mom.”
“What actually happened that you had to examine the van to make sure it wasn’t damaged?”
“This  *#&%^#  truck driver doesn’t know how to drive and should never have been given a license and came out of nowhere without looking and pulled right up to where I was driving without even looking and it was a good thing I was paying attention because the %&*#@&% truck driver wasn’t and in order to avoid him and not let him hit your van I pulled over quick and kind of sort of hit the tires on the curb and nothing happened to the tires or the hub caps or anything cause I checked really good.”

She has been told in the past not to start a conversation with anything that would upset me. She is actually suppose to start every conversation with, “I love you, Mom. I’m not pregnant.”

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